The script for TESSELLATE was submitted to the MiTribe Short Film Fund by Rob Jacobsen in the spring of 2018.

About the Film

TESSELLATE is a short film which takes place in a future where the technology to customize your personality has been invented and legalized. The story follows a technician who administers these personalities (Jen Znack) as she has a crisis of conscience while dealing with a client whose requested personality is antithetical to her natural state (MJ Kehler). Flashbacks show three executives (Anthony Demare, Blake Stadel, and Michael MacKinnon) discussing how they can leverage this technology for their financial gain.

The Team

The Cast:

  • Jen Znack as Reese
  • MJ Kehler as Alex
  • Blake Stadel as Brady
  • Anthony Demare as Deakins
  • Michael MacKinnon as Watchman
  • Kathleen Keatings as Spokesperson

The Crew:

  • Writer/Director: Rob Jacobsen
  • Executive Producers: Rowan Jang and Henry Corbet
  • Director of Photography: Josh Knepper
  • Gaffer/Assistant Camera: Shae Paterson
  • Boom Operator/Sound Mixer: Tyler Lucas
  • Script Supervisor/Production Assistant: Justine Raffaelli
  • Production Designer: Jen Znack
  • Production Assistant: Will Barrett