MiTribe co-owner Rowan Jang has been involved in the casting of numerous projects over the last 5 years. As both a producer and an actor he brings his experience on both sides of the camera and his in-depth knowledge of the casting process. His casting credits include the series AGENCY LIFE and SHAM THERAPY, and the award-winning films DARK DAY AND NIGHT, TESSELLATE and ANXIETY. Most recently he has worked with Director Matthew Leigh on the casting of FrontlineFire Films latest short THE HIDDEN.


To submit your project, please email with the following information:

1. Type of project (feature film, short film, series, etc.)

2. Plot Summary

3. Number of characters needing to be cast

4. Casting deadline

5. Contact number

Upon receipt of this information we will send you a package containing details on pricing and services.

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