Gator Greg

“Old Souls Stay Young Forever”

Serialized Cartoon Television Ages: 14-35
Gator Greg is an animated series concept following the adventures of Greg, an alligator investigator. He lives in a world where animals have become civilized. Gator Greg is bent on busting sewer dwelling crime organizations in the city of Mammalopolis, in the hopes that he might find his son who was lost down a sewer drain at a young age. Because of his loss, Greg has a passion for finding missing children, who for the most part are non-mammals and don’t get the attention they deserve by the media. The citizens of Mammalopolis are primarily mammals that are heavily prejudiced against non-mammals, making Greg’s job difficult. By day he solves ordinary crimes in the city and by night he prowls the sewers in pursuit of his arch nemesis, The Kidnap Kat. Although cats are mammals, they are regarded with suspicion because of their agility, sharp claws, and fangs. Cats are almost completely ostracized and are associated with hate, strength, and evil. As the show progresses Gator Greg must confront the fact that his son has been kidnapped and raised to serve Kidnap Kat and his Cat Bandits!


14500690_10157582734900024_7195238554737966491_oKitty Krystal and Kidnap Kat


The style we wish to pursue for this animation is called Dark Deco, an urbanized version of Art Décoratifs- an artistic movement that started in France in the 1920’s that influenced fashion, cars, movie theatres, and architectural developments such as the Empire State Building in New York. We plan on incorporating Dark Deco into the Gator Greg world in a unique way that compliments the habitat-based environment that is Mammalopolis.